Benefits of Creating an Intranet for Your Business

If your business does not already have an intranet, you may be missing out on valuable features that can help boost productivity and employee collaboration.

An intranet is essentially a private network that is only accessible to people within an organisation. Businesses commonly use intranets for internal communication and company news. However, an intranet now allows you to do much more.

Provide Convenient Access to Data

An intranet can provide businesses with a way to grant access to data and tools that are used by employees each day. For example, Sprocket Intranet includes Microsoft Office 365 functionality. Employees can continue to use the tools that they depend on while sharing information through the intranet.

Mobile Access to the Intranet

Thanks to cloud computing, businesses can now offer mobile access to their intranet. Employees can work from anywhere. With a responsive web design, the intranet pages will still look great on any device, including tablets or smartphones.

Store and Display Business Policies

An intranet also provides a great way to store and display business policies. Whenever an employee needs to determine if an action is prohibited by company policy, they can log on to the intranet and view the appropriate policy information.

Besides storing business policies, the intranet can be used to begin creating a detailed knowledge base. The knowledge base should include best practices for dealing with all types of issues or business operations, including customer service.

Automate or Streamline Work Processes

Business intranets are also being used to streamline common work processes. By providing a simple method for completing these tasks, you may enjoy another boost to productivity.

For example, you may create a method for employees to request time off or claim expenses. You can even use the intranet to log employee inquiries or HR document, post the latest company news, and update staff about upcoming changes to policy or business operations.

Keep Your Employees Engaged

When employees remain engaged, they are often more productive. An intranet helps keep employees engaged by providing new methods for collaboration and communication. As the intranet also provides a method for sharing internal news and information, employees regularly check the intranet.

With increased collaboration resources, employees from multiple departments should also find it easier to work together on projects and share information. These details help employees stay engaged and focused.

Should Your Business Use an Intranet?

An intranet can benefit any business in any industry. Whether you run a car wash or a law firm, the intranet provides a communication hub for employees to share, collaborate, and complete projects.

Implementing an intranet solution is also incredibly easy. With the latest options, you can get your intranet up and running in less than a day.

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